Burger Builder
Interactive Media Design and Management
Time Frame:
6 Weeks
Spring 2012
Adobe Flash File
Jenny He
Primary Roles:
Game Logic / Coding
Primary Responsibilities:
Developed Gameplay Logic
Created Code Skeleton
Implemented Gameplay Functionality in ActionScript
Skills Required:
Adobe Flash

Burger Builder is a Flash game where the user must catch falling burger components to create a specified target burger. Each level gets progressively more difficult - the size of the target burger increases (up to a maximum of seven pieces) and starting with level 2, the user has limited time to view the target burger before it disappears. With enough points, the user can buy a hint, which will briefly show the target burger again.

This was the final project for my Flash class. The topic was open, so Jenny and I elected to make an in depth game with complicated animations and interactions. I created the gameplay functionality, while Jenny worked on the graphics and introductory screens and animations. To play the game, click HERE.