Interaction Design Studio
Time Frame:
6 Weeks
Spring 2012
High-Fidelity iPhone Wireframes With Animation
UI Specifications
Pitch Presentation
Wanwen Han
Thomas Abraham
Primary Roles:
Mock-Up Creator
Process Documenter
Primary Responsibilities:
Screen Mock-Ups
Persona Creation
Presentation Outline
HTML Process Book
Skills Required:
User Research
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

Bulletin is a concept for an iPhone application that connects college students to events on campus. Users can browse events, sorted by time, on the home screen. The application tells the user when the event starts and how far away it is. It also provides a description of the event and directions to it if needed. Users can also subscribe to various event categories. When the user walks past the location of an event in one of his subscription categories, he receives a push notification.

This project lasted six weeks, starting with user research to identify potential problems to address for commuters (our selected group was walking commuters). We then proceeded to develop personas, scenarios of use, wireframes, and navigational flow diagrams. The project concluded with a final pitch, which included a demonstration of the application using animations.